Business Centre in Mong Kok with registered address

Business centre Mong Kok with registered address for businesses of all sizes, few minutes walks from Mong Kok MTR station, furnished office, virtual office & professional secretarial service.

Mong Kok Business Centre in Hong Kong with favourable location near Mong Kok MTR station, business secretarial service, mail collection, accounting service and value added service.

Business Centre Mong Kok as example - Ways to be the most-valued Business Centre in Hong Kong

Setting up a Business Centre in Hong Kong is not difficult, yet setting up a most valued one is far more challenging. Business Centre Mong Kok is an ideal example to demonstrate how a business centre can be turned into a most valued one. Such demonstration would be very useful as a business centres is absolutely functional in nowadays economic system and is the true answer to corporate necessities, through which you can gain the in-depth knowledge for you to explore the innovative ideas about the business world better before you avail the related services.

Business Centre in Hong Kong

First, in Hong Kong, the most vertical city in the world as many have described, all business centres can enjoy free trade and the low taxation, both of which are enhancing Hong Kong to become one of the most important financial bodies in the world. It seems a great advantage to a business centre, but looking for an ideal office space for your Business Centre in Hong Kong would be a great challenge. Business Centre Mong Kok is fully-equipped with business lounges, Wi-Fi, IT and video communications, and everything that you need for your networking needs is available in it and all of its meeting rooms, as well as other common areas. Remember, the infrastructure and modern technologies if an office always determines its value, because in these days proper equipment with full technological support is a must - Wi-Fi, printing and scanning services, LCD projectors, air conditioning, voice and video calling facilities, UPS preservation, and many other devices.

Second, public transport is another plus in for any business centre and can be made use of extensively. Business Centre Mong Kok has a perfect location, where transportation networks, financial hubs, food stalls and other business services are just found nearby, making it a best Business Centre in Hong Kong. That is the reason why it can successfully cater to the business requirements of people with limited funds. The nosiness centre also offers professional mail collection services, clock services, guest management, housekeeping services, professional reception and secretarial services, which are tailored to individual needs of the clients around the centre, in other districts in Hong Kong and even around the world. Apart from the outstanding and effective services regarding facilities, infrastructure and other basic needs, trustworthiness of a business is also crucial for any parties.


New Asia is an innovated business centre located in Mongkok.  It is next to Mongkok HSBC Building and is just one minute walk from Mongkok MTR station Exit E1. 

New Asia Centre aims to provide a one stop solution to those who wants to start their business with minimum resource.  Our solutions cater to businesses of all sizes and stages, and are customized to suit your needs.  The service package includes ready-to-use office, virtual office, professional secretarial service, mail collection service, accounting & audit, and other value-added service.  The office is fully equipped and consolidates various professionals who can help our client solve their business problems at ease. 

We dedicate to be your business partner for life so that you can make the most by capturing every possible business opportunities.

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